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March Update

The Casual Sex Project LogoMarch has been an incredibly eventful, busy month.

1. One of my academic papers got accepted to the Journal of Sex Research. This was the 2nd paper of my 3-paper doctoral dissertation, and it’s titled Hooking Up and Psychological Wellbeing in College Students: Short-Term Prospective Links Across Different Hookup Definitions. It won’t be made available online for another month or two, but you can download it from my page here.

2. I got a revise-and-resubmit on my 3rd paper from my doctoral dissertation that examines how your general orientation toward or away from casual sex influences whether your mental health increases or decreases following engagement in casual sex. Whether this paper ultimately gets accepted or not in this pretty good social psychology and personality journal is TBD, but I am one step closer to it.

3. I went to my first CatalystCon conference, my first non-academic sex conference, which I enjoyed quite a bit, heard a few interesting talks, and made some great connections. I also presented two sessions, one on Casual Sex and Well-being, and the other one on the Mostly Straight: A New Sexual Orientation Group (together with my former advisor, Ritch Savin-Williams). The official feedback is not yet in, but based on the people who came up to me afterwards, many found them interesting, useful, and insightful.

4. After my casual sex talk at Catalyst, the awesome Sex Nerd Sandra asked me to be a guest on her podcast and talk about casual sex nerdiness. So I recorded my first ever podcast that you can listen to here. (Bonus: The other part of that episode is about Sandra’s visit to a dungeon in DC!) After struggling – unsuccessfully – to pronounce my last name right, Sandra also convinced me to get rid of my impossible last name from my Twitter name and just go with @DrZhana, nice and simple. A brilliant suggestion.

5. I was on the KZUM radio on Nick Hernandez’s show called Community Matters. They’re based in Lincoln, Nebraska (apparently the city with the highest well-being in the country!), and we talked about sex research, positive psychology, and character strengths. You can listen to the 30-min show as a podcast here.

6. I got the amazing news that I will be teaching a Human Sexuality class at New York university next semester! I’m now busy reviewing textbooks, talking to friends who teach this class elsewhere, thinking about interesting speakers to cover some topics (sex work, kink, STIs…), and mulling over possible (OPTIONAL) field trips (to strip bars, burlesque shows, dungeons, gay/lesbian bars, sex stores…)

7. I posted three pieces for my Strictly Casual blog on Psychology Today:

Is Our Sexual Double Standard Going Away? (Spoiler alert: Not necessarily, but it’s also not too prevalent.)

Are Lesbians Less Into Casual Sex than Hetero Women? (Spoiler alert: Nope, lesbians are remarkably similar to hetero women in their casual sex desires and experiences.)

Would You Have a Threesome with Two Partners of the Opposite Sex? (Spoiler alert: Most men would. Most women would NOT.)

If you haven’t already, please check them out. And if you like them, share them with the world.

8. I got interviewed for a piece on What Our Obsession with Sex Addiction Says About Us for Karley Sciortino’s column in Vogue.

9. I got interviewed by Hayley Krischer for a piece on whether Relationship Drama Equals Passion for Upwave. (Spoiler alert: No, but it can work for some couples).

10. Together with three sex researcher colleagues, we submitted a symposium for the next Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality (to be held in Omaha, Nebraska in November; I know, I know, but when else will I need to go to Nebraska?) on how to disseminate sex research to broader audiences. If accepted, we will teach people how to share the sex science by blogging (Justin Lehmiller, PhD), writing for popular media outlets (Kristen Mark, PhD, MPH), conduct educational workshops with community members (Megan Maas, MS, CHES), and using Twitter (me). I’m really excited about this one.

11. I got contacted by and met with a book agent who thinks I may have a book or three in me. It’s way too early to say anything more about this, but the idea itself is pretty exciting!

12. I started The Casual Sex Project, an online space for people of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations to share their true stories of casual sex experiences or hookups. If you have a story to share, please do so!

13. And last, but not least, I decided to start a Monthly Newsletter. It seems like there will be a lot going on in my professional life in the months (years?) to come, and I think a monthly newsletter is a nice way to inform people of those developments. As my Twitter followers know, I also tweet daily about new sex studies, so the newsletter will also feature a few of my favorite sex studies each month. So, please sign up if this is something of interest. I promise not to email you more than once a month, nor to try to sell you anything. (And there will never be any pictures of cats.) To sign up for the newsletter, click Sign up for Dr Zhana’s Monthly Newsletter.

OK folks, that’s it for this month – it’s been quite something…




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